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Dr Nitin Dange is one of the best Neurosurgeon in the country. He is a great human being as well. His treatment is like midas touch. His amazing behavior helps the patient recover faster. God bless him.

Marlyn Mascarenhas

I don’t think me or my family can ever be thankful enough for Dr. Nitin Dange or Lilivati for saving my sister’s life. My sister was a victim of a serious hit and run accident. She was the pillion rider and fell to her right side. No one knew the impact of her fall or the extent of her injuries at the time of impact. But in the emergency ward itself a Code Blue was initiated, and she was given immediate attention, they didn’t waste any time sorting stuff and issues. We were told that she needed an urgent cranioscopy (taking out a part of her skull) for her vitals to stabilize and were just told that her operating neurosurgeon would be Dr. Nitin. He arrived as a blessing to us at such a critical hour. He operated on my sister and kept us positive on her progress. Her stay in the ICU too was taken care off very well. Dr. Nitin answered all our questions during the most anxious days of our lives. Nonetheless his optimism and assurance always comforted us and re-assured us that she is in the right hands. He is a highly skilled doctor and knows what he is doing. He also performed a second surgery on my sister (cranioplasty). His assistant Mr Gilbert, is a very helpful, humble and reassuring person. He was never tired with our queries and doubts, always willing to help and sometimes would go out of the way to make things easy for us. Her stay and recovery under his guidance has been nothing short of a blessing and truly a miracle! I would say if you are in his hands, he will do the best he can. Would end by saying he’s a man of few words!

Mahesh Mangaonkar

Dr. Nitin Dange (Neurosurgeon) is really fabulous guy. You just go to him and he will give you best solution. He has done angioplasty surgery of my mother to put a stent in artery (blood vessel of brain). It was very critical situation but with his experienced, he made it successful. So I am having very close personal experience with him.
At this moment he is associated with KEM hospital (Parel, Mumbai) and Lilavati Hospital (Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai).

Not only Dr. Nitin but his secretary Mr. Gilbert is also a very much kind and helpful person.

Cheers to Dr. Nitin and Mr. Gilbert

srinu Mumbai

Namaskar’ I want to Thank Dr. Nitin Dange (Neuro Surgeon) for saving my younger Brother’s life.
My younger brother santosh sanku had a Brain Stroke on 23rd July due to high BP.
He was admiited to Global Hosp. And on same day at around 7pm Surgery has been done by Dr. Nitin Dange and was successful.

Harshita Jalvi

The Best Neuro Surgeon, My husband was hospitalised at Global Hospital and was operated for Brain Heomorrage, the best treatment given by Dr. Dange, I will always be thankful to him for saving my Husbands Life.


My husband Mr Sunil Akhon on 18 April 2018 fell from the train at Virar station .local travelers took him to the nearest hospital .Ct scan suggested that it was a brain hemorrhage .We rushed him to Lilavati hospital The situation was very critical and a little more delay could cause certain death.Thanks to Dr Nitin Dange Sir and his team manged the situation very well .Dr Achal also helped to get all formalities done quickly .Dr Nitin Dange sir operated my husband ..And he saved his life …Now my husband is on the verge of recovering fully. God bless him ..

rupa wakhare

MARVELOUS INTELLIGENCE and good human being silence person. given a good advice smart looking doctor. His activities in his field are so nice.

Niraj Singh

Best neurosurgeon I’hv ever met,he is very nic n humbel person.

Sabir Tamboli

Dr Nitin Dange is best neouro surgeon in mumbai

Jordan Dmello

Best Dr I have ever seen & Best human being.


He is a genius Dr for nero surgery

ganesh sankpal

Best Dr in Mumbai…

chandrasen nagzarkar

Best neurosurgeon

Santosh A

Best Doctor…..